Recent Updates

The demand for Lithium has only just begun to grow, and Barrel Energy has put together some exceptional Lithium projects and global opportunities.

Barrel recognizes the current deficiencies and the massive potential in the Lithium-ion battery supply chain as market and environmental forces propel the coming dominance of Zero-Emission.

Sustainable New Energy in America

With a concentration on Nevada, the company benefits from geographic and geological diversity when constructing world-class, scalable projects.

The United States and other Western nations are increasingly concerned about ensuring a safe and secure supply of vital batteries and energy metals. As a result, the Biden Administration has enacted “essential minerals” legislation to pave the way for the creation of long-term domestic lithium supplies. 

Green Energy

Barrel Energy Projects

EVs are currently the fastest growing segment of the auto industry and the Lithium Ion battery is at the heart of the EV revolution. It is the same battery that has allowed personal mobile devices such as phones, tablets and computers to become lightweight, thinner, infinitely rechargeable and able to sustain increasingly longer usage times.


We believe in meeting the global demand for lithium-ion from a North American focus.

World Class