Barrel Energy Inc. believes in sustainable environmental processes and USA-made project development.

Barrel Energy has a sustainable business with low carbon footprint

Our board of directors analyses our activities on a regular basis to ensure complete compliance, best business practices, and complete openness in everything we do. To that end, we’re dedicated to ensuring that the company’s and its various stakeholders’ interests are synergistically linked in order to build long-term enterprises that benefit the communities in which we operate.


Our company beliefs prioritize appropriate stewardship of the local environment in which we operate.

North American Development

Barrel Energy Inc. focuses on growth in the North American Lithium sector. We believe in meeting the global demand for lithium-ion with a USA-made approach.

Product Integrity

Our products are made of high quality, meeting international standards. Our lithium solutions are cutting-edge, with research-backed by an industry-leading team and the academic credentials to support them.