Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery

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Project Details

Partner: Roshan Technologies
Project Start: April 2021
Location: Telangana, India
Value: USD $54.80 Million


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Focusing on several ventures within the energy and minerals sector and the rapid development of valuable production opportunities throughout North America.

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Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery Project

Phase I:
 25000 KWh battery pack assembly pilot plant with an investment of USD 0.68 Million for the applications – UPS, Solar, 2-Wheeler & 3-Wheeler, for a peak business of USD 3.42 Million by the year 2023. Commercial business will be commenced effective from April 2021.

Phase II:
 50000 KWh battery pack assembly with automation, with an investment of USD 1.37 Million as expansion of phase 1, with own land and building. Aiming for a business of USD 6.85 Million by the year 2025 including MWh Energy Storage Systems and export business. Project execution – year 2022 and increased capacity will be available by the year 2023.

Phase III:
 Establishing 400 MWh Lithium Iron Phosphate cell manufacturing in addition to battery pack assembly plant, with an investment of USD 16.44 Million . Aiming for a business of USD 54.80 Million by the year 2029. Project execution – year 2025 – 27 and commencement of commercial production will be planned by mid of 2027.

Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing Process

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