Company History

Barrel Energy Inc. has a highly competent team with extensive expertise and understanding in mining and extraction, chemistry, battery materials, and more.

Innovative Technologies Positioned as a Global Leader

The demand for Lithium has only just begun to grow, and Barrel Energy has put together some exceptional Lithium projects and global opportunities.

Environmental policy trends point directly to future energy development characterized by efficiency, sustainability and cleanliness. These policy changes and Battery technology innovations such as higher charge density and reductions in weight, charge time and cost have precipitated a pivot in the Auto Industry to Electric Vehicles (EVs).

Formed Partnership MOU with Roshan Technologies Ltd.

Roshan Energy Technologies will collaborate with Barrel to establish Lithium-Ion battery manufacturing units in North America by Barrel and by Roshan Energy Technologies in India.

Formed Partnership CDSG

Barrel Energy partners with CDSG on West End lithium claims adjacent to TLC Lithium Project.

Executive Leadership

Mr. Alford has wide-ranging global business development and operational experience having worked in over 30 countries.

Barrel Energy Inc.

Focusing on several ventures within the energy and minerals sector and the rapid development of valuable production opportunities throughout North America.

4005 West Reno Ave, Suite F,
Las Vegas, NV 89118 USA