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Barrel Energy Inc. is an American-based company that is using a USA-made complete lifecycle approach to meet the soaring global demand for lithium-ion battery technology

Battery Solutions

The demand for Lithium has only just begun to grow and Barrel Energy has put together some exceptional Lithium projects and global opportunities. EVs are currently the fastest growing segment of the auto industry and the Lithium Ion battery is at the heart of the EV revolution.

It is the same battery that has allowed personal mobile devices such as phones, tablets and computers to become lightweight, thinner, infinitely rechargeable and able to sustain increasingly longer usage times.

Meet the Team

Barrel Energy Inc. Management is equipped with industry-leading education and experience to facilitate strategic corporate growth.

Efficient Energy Solutions

Barrel Energy Inc. is focused on several ventures within the green energy, battery, and minerals sector, quoted on the OTC Markets under the ticker symbol $BRLL.

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Barrel Energy Inc. is a publicly traded on the OTC Markets under the stock symbol BRLL. The company is listed as Pink Current in reporting standards.

Barrel Energy Inc. located at 8275 South Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada 89123, United States.

We explore recycling, extraction, and resource production.

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